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So many people ask us, “What do you guys do?” The answer is simple, we are a nonprofit tech charity for disabled and poor students seeking to better their futures.

That isn't the whole story because there is so much more to us than an elevator pitch. We are striving to revolutionize turnkey access to computers for students.

Everyone we ask seems to have an old computer, laptop, or cellphone they don't use anymore. These things just sit in attics, closets, or storage somewhere. Once we get the computers, we fix them because most of these computers have broken screens, unusable hard-drives, or even a fried motherboard.

Right now we have one person doing all the repairs, ordering replacement parts, and talking to customers. We need help, interns or volunteers who know how to fix laptops, tablets, and cellphones. It is a rare mix of skill and only a talented few know the hardware challenges of repairing these things.

Students, ages 16-75 from Massachusetts, apply for our computer grants asking for a computer so they can go to school, do work at home, and many of them ask us to replace an old computer they can't afford to fix. Most of the time, we can flip the hard-drive out so they keep all their work and move it into a working computer.

All this work is expensive, we constantly need financial donations to afford the repair parts. This isn't easy for us since we don't have a development team yet (help?).

And on the side,

College Potatoes is going through a name change because people take a glance at our name and attempt to donate their furniture to us. This is very nice, however we do not have a moving truck or anyway to liquidate the furniture. I'm sure some students could use a coffee table or a bed, but we don't have the resources to help with housing supplies.

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