Where Recycling Moves Education

Recycling Moves Education

Having been psychologically disabled, hurt, and hopeless, I have always found solace in helping people in need and with various kinds of disability. In life, passion seems to drive whatever we do or accomplish. The compassion that I have for people without hope or a place to call home has driven my desire to help others, study hard, and use my energy and capabilities to ensure the world becomes a better place for us all. In this essay, is a discussion of my life, experiences, future goals, and my own company - College Potatoes - will be made.

Outside of high school I attended a vocational school for computer programming and graduated in 2005. My psychologist diagnosed me with psychological disabilities. After that, I started college, but I was unable to finish. In 2008, my step-father lost his job at Intel and we lost everything. Several years later, I ran away from unfavorable familial circumstances, and lived in a homeless shelter. I left my family and life behind with nothing but the cloths in my backpack and a cellphone. After living in the homeless shelter I started going to college with my credits slashed in half. Working at the Samaritan Inn Homeless Shelter, I restarted and managed to earn an associates in business for law. Days passed until I received a letter to the Harvard University Extension School for a scholarship. Sponsors kicked in and got me to Massachusetts where I suffered a mental breakdown. The Advocates rescued me from BIDMC and gave me a place to live until I recovered.

Lasell College offered me a scholarship and now I will graduate in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Management, and General Studies. What I find to be a challenging endeavor is going to college, working, and living on food stamps. Consider living each week wondering if you can afford food, electricity, gas, or just the basic daily necessities. Life can be compact, hard, overwhelming, and the internet, computers, and cellphones are not included in a meager daily existence.

Some teachers mark assignments off or won't accept them unless they are emailed or printed. Using the college library is a huge benefit, but consider living off campus and walking home at midnight. I was deeply disappointed in the educational system providing outdated and inefficient machines to poor working class students with limited time.

My experience made me wonder what school would be like with a product-based financial aid system. Students that qualify for financial aid get enough money to eat on campus if they are lucky. It doesn't cover the required class supplies. Unsurprisingly, it comes down to money. The way we manage our time and finances can create a good or bad fortune.

We want to start something for:

- Students with disabilities

- A functional technology distribution

- Late night essay time after work

With the desire to empower people with disabilities, I have teamed up with College Potatoes based in Waltham, MA to collect and distribute class supplies like tablets, laptops, cellphones, and printers to every adult student dealing with any form of disability.

We have started accepting laptops, cellphones, and printers from people who were going to dispose or upgrade their devices. After that, we started searching for students with learning disabilities nearby Waltham and introduced them to technology. We soon realized that the demand for technology was beyond our abilities. Consequently, we and thought about leasing equipment to people without disabilities. All the proceeds are recycled into growing our nonprofit business and helping others.

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